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About us

Daemon offers cutting edge creativity in new technology, virtual production, NFTs and Web 3.0 content for independent film and HETV.

We’ve released or financed well over a thousand acclaimed films, and spent decades delivering commercially successful brand strategy, design and marketing. We’ve built a formidable team of specialists to deliver a one-stop shop for creativity on demand.

Our trusted partner network extends into industry-leading virtual production and Web 3.0 (MovieVerse) opportunities.


Products + Services

We are your partner of choice because of our one-stop-shop capabilities in next-level technology and new creative solutions.

New technologies are revolutionising the world of film and high-end TV. How do you make sure you're positioned to maximise on where the industry is headed?

We accelerate content into a new future with Daemon’s fusion of knowledge, networks and technology.


The mind-accelerator.

Ai is never going to replace human creativity. But it can accelerate it.

Most sectors now use Ai in some form or another, but for the film industry, think of Ai as a powerful tool that can vastly speed up the concept stages of visual development.

We use these tools with our technical expertise from early-stage developments, treatments and bibles through to character design and world-building.


Informing the future of the film and TV industry.

Virtual production enables greater flexibility and creativity in filmmaking and cost savings on physical sets and VFX, whilst significantly speeding up the post-production process.

Virtual production revolutionises the way films are made by allowing the creation of highly detailed, real-time digital environments and characters.

This method opens up new creative routes and revenue opportunities by generating the digital ‘ingredients’ that can then be developed into VR/AR, NFTs,  gamification,  and Web3 ‘Movieverse’ experiences using Epic Games’  Unreal Engine as a creative ecosystem.


A powerful tool for the future of film production and storytelling.

Unreal Engine changes the way content is made by providing filmmakers with a powerful ecosystem for creating realistic digital environments and characters, as well as for visual effects and animation.

Unreal Engine allows for the creation of highly detailed and photorealistic 3D worlds, which can be integrated seamlessly with live-action footage. This enables filmmakers to achieve levels of visual realism that were previously only possible with expensive and time-consuming traditional VFX.

Web 3.0.

NFTs in the film industry. Really?

In a similar way to how we used to collect special edition DVDs – which has gone by the wayside as everything tends to stream now – the advent of NFTs prevents digital copying and is a way for unique content to be collected again.

NFTs have the potential to change the way we consume, distribute, and engage with films and other forms of entertainment.

NFTs can be used to create ‘hype’ around a new release, leverage a fan base, help with brand building and retention at the marketing stages and generate revenue from the utility of the title (access to talent, key art, directors’ cuts, soundbites etc).

Active Partnerships

Ben Hickingbotham

Creativity as a weapon of choice,  teamed with a sharp and strategic commercial mind locked onto next level technology - Ben brings formidable vision and expertise to future-facing content. As a creative director, Ben will always want to deliver the impossible, and frequently does.

Sarah Hickingbotham

From communications to strategy and PR, Sarah’s abilities in rationalising concepts, drawing the best out of talent, getting to the heart of a story and wording strong campaigns have won her acclaim from numerous national and international brands.

Phil Clyde-Smith

An experienced film director with a strategic mind and methodical creative approach. Phil works seamlessly with the creative team, protecting the vision and story with a tenacity and drive to complement the technology and always gets the very best out of the people
and projects.

Mick Southworth

A well-known and connected founder and front man of several leading film distribution and production investment companies in his 30-year career, Mick has also managed exclusive output deals with major global distributors and released some 950+ films.

Martin McCabe

A leading figure in independent film and video distribution, production and acquisitions over the last 25 years, Martin has headed up roles in acquisitions and distribution for some of the UK’s leading indie film distribution businesses, releasing 900+ features including two Oscar-winners.

Philip Burgin

Chairman of Enriched Media Group and Creative House Productions. A wealth of experience in corporate structuring, Philip sits on the board of a number of private equity funds and real estate companies, and is a producer for the 2019 Oscar-nominated First Reformed.


The opportunities are huge, and everyone wants in but where do they start?

Right here.

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