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Daemon is a state-of-the-art creative services company focused on accelerating independent films to maximise IP at every stage.



What do we do?

Daemon is a creative accelerator that brings a studio-like approach to independent feature films. We partner with independent Exec Producers, producers, directors and writers from the development stage through pre-production and production, all the way to marketing. Our model is built on leveraging experienced creatives, a network of global talent, and advanced technology to streamline the filmmaking process, ensuring each project reaches its full potential both artistically and commercially.

How is Daemon Engine different?

We bring together a creative powerhouse renowned for decades in strategy, brand production and award winning design with the seasoned expertise of Enriched Media Group, film and TV industry titans with over 60 years in production, distribution and acquisition, and a stable of 1000+ distinctive and award winning independent feature films including two Oscar winners. We integrate advanced technology and a global network of talent, expediting processes whilst complementing the creative vision.

What stages of film production does Daemon Engine cover?

We provide comprehensive support from the very beginning to the end.


Pre-Production, script analysis, concept development, and initial planning. Content origination and IP development. Secured lending and investment.


Pre-Viz, Art Direction, audience profiling, location scouting, budgeting and scheduling. Bible creation, trailers, promotional material and audience engagement. Virtual Production audit and creative.


Experienced creative talent, crew and technology, Unreal Engine world-building, key art, virtual production, titles, branding and production design.


VFX and sound design. Marketing, distribution strategy and tactics. Web 3.0 consultancy and creative.

What kind of technology and resources do we provide to Independents?

Daemon provides access to cutting-edge filmmaking technology, pre and post-production software. Additionally, independents benefit from our network of industry contacts, funding opportunities, and marketing tools, all designed to elevate their film’s production quality, sales strategy and market reach.

How does Daemon Engine handle the marketing and distribution of films?

Daemon works closely with Exec Producers to develop and implement a tailored marketing strategy. This includes audience identification, creation of promotional materials, social media campaigns, film festival submissions, and securing distribution channels. Our goal is to maximise the film’s visibility and audience reach.

WORKs in progress
Evil Tales - Lord D’Ark

In a world where digital tales dominate, the chilling works of the enigmatic Lord D’Ark ensnare young readers, triggering a wave of macabre tragedies. Doug, a publishing prodigy, is lured into D’Ark’s mansion, where he must endure three haunting tales to secure literary gold. But as the stories unfold, Doug confronts a darkness that threatens to engulf the world: will he profit from the terror or prevent its release?


In the depths of our planet’s liquid wilderness, “Fathom” plunges into the urgent battle for our oceans, revealing the untold stories of oceanic warriors who, guided by the poetic brilliance of world-class content creators, defy the tides of destruction. Fathom challenges us to listen to the heartbeat of the deep, to rediscover our own humanity, and to safeguard the fragile balance of life beneath the waves before it is lost forever.


In the untouched corners of Earth, “1992” unveils nature’s fierce guardians. Through the artistry of master storytellers, we experience their relentless fight against looming threats, urging us to attune to nature’s rhythm, embrace our shared humanity, tackle entropy and reconsider the future of extinction through an anthology of stories by the world’s most talented CG artists.

A promotional image featuring a man with stern expression, dressed in a dark Victorian coat, and a black dog with a chain around its neck. Large, white letters "D" and "A" at the top and "R" and "K" at the bottom frame the image. In the center, red text reads "THE EVIL TALES OF LORD HERBERT DARK." The stylized "X" in red and white, with the word "DAEMON" above and the numbers "III" in red below it, suggests a title or branding. The overall dark and grim aesthetic sets a mysterious, possibly gothic theme.
This vertical image features a diver in an old-fashioned diving suit facing a large, looming octopus in the murky blue depths of the ocean. The word "FATHOM" is superimposed in large, white letters in the center. Below, the words "DAEMON X MACHINA" and a series of symbols including an "X" and three horizontal bars appear, suggesting a crossover or collaboration. The image has a cinematic quality, evoking a sense of underwater exploration and potential danger.
A vertical image showcasing a futuristic train on a bridge with mountainous terrain in the background. Large, bold numbers "1" and "9" in blue overlay the upper portion, while "9" and "2" in the same color and style dominate the lower section. Below, text reads "DAEMON X MACHINA" with graphic icons on either side. The image has a muted colour palette with blue accents, conveying a theme related to the numbers 1992.


Content Origination + IP Development
Titles, Branding + Design
Virtual Production - Unreal Engine Creative + Advisory
Production Design
Key Art
Marketing + Campaign
Web 3.0 Creative + Consultancy
Sales + Distribution
Secured Lending + Investment
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